Guide to Cultivating Business Relationships in China

Over the past 30 years, China has undergone an extreme economic shift, going from a largely agricultural society to being 52% urbanised by 2013. It’s now the biggest trading partner for most Asian economies and after the United States, is the world’s largest economy. Along with all the certifications, standards and other paperwork you have to deal with, you also need to understand how to conduct yourself when dealing with Chinese businesses. There are a number of social and cultural norms you need to know about in China, that are wildly at odds with Western business practices. At Dragon Import

Raw Materials

Metals, Plastics, Rubbers, Liquids, are just a few of the basic Raw Materials which we import to help our customers produce their products daily.  We have the access to your basic materials to help you manufacture here in the UK.

Parts & Accessories

Our Sourcing Teams have China Manufacturing at their fingertips and therefore have all consumables and accessories available for order

Design to Production

Our Manufacturing Team assisted from Design to Manufacture the production of this cup.  We produced detailed plans, followed by Moulding Tools to bring this product to life.