Shipping & Freight Forwarding

Global Shipping Services, delivering your products worldwide

Working with our staffed offices in China, we have containers leaving different ports every week, so are able to facilitate LCL (smaller loads) and also larger consignments, FCL.

Our Fully Insured service gives you the assurance your items are securely loaded and insurance during their journey across the rough seas to the chosen UK port of destination. Once landed and in our warehouse, if not direct, we can manage your product and distribute to your chosen destination or stores.

More commonly we are asked for help bringing pallets into the UK. Whilst we can not bear responsibility for its content (unless we arrange order), we are happy to help you bring it into the UK and get it delivered to your door.

Contact our sales department today to see how we can help you and your shipments.

“Bringing Your Products Home”

Shipping - Customs - Clearance - Delivery

Shipping from any foreign country requires a little help somewhere along the line of import. Organising customs paperwork, dealing with container checks, checking commodity coding, paying your duty and VAT allowing the product to legally enter the UK; all these small tasks can overwelm and sound large tasks if it is an unknown process. We can take that hassle away, all within the cost of shipping, giving you peace of mind and letting you run your business.

Dragon Imports do this daily, so why not let us lighten your load and deliver your goods for you. Call our sales team to discuss your consignment.