Frequently Asked Questions

At Dragon Imports, we run a professional team of staff throughout the UK and China. A lot of trade is done under strict contract, though we offer detailed step by step progress reports of all we do. The first stages involve very little or no money leaving your bank and therefore is all the risk of ourselves in time. Once you are happy with the samples provided and you have signed them off for quality, we then begin contract negotiations with the factories and all fees are detailed before you agree to the process. Everything we do is in the interest of the buyer (you) at all times and you are made aware of the process before commencement of any order

If your products arrive in an unsatisfactory condition or not to sample quality, which is highly unlikely due to our strict processes, we have the right through contract to demand a complete new order. We feel this to be unlikely as we position staff to check quality and production all the way through from order to delivery. Quality control is very high on our list of musts and therefore these issues are not something we worry about. Should something ever go wrong, we will make sure the replacement order is completed through our staff’s intervention. If there ever was an issue, we would make sure this was the case to complete the order fully and as per contract

Not only are our services designed to keep the buyer safe and at NO RISK, but are designed to ensure you don’t notice the cost of our service. Because of our relationship with China suppliers, we are able to negotiate the best deals available and rarely find customers who find a better price delivered to their door. We work on the basis of volumes collectively through all our clients and therefore have the ability to consolidate costs so we can always offer the best price to our clients

We aim to make International Trade available to all. Though, we have to be sensible when it comes to amounts required. If you are looking to build your own home and purchase ones or twos of items, then this will not be the most cost effective way to do it. We have to cover our costs in finding, contracting and shipping goods and therefore you saving £50 will soon be gone in fees. If you are a business looking for an importing relationship, then we negotiate with factories for smaller orders on your behalf, as they also know you are building your business, which can benefit them too in the long run. Always bear in mind, prices are based on volumes, so the item may still be cheaper, though larger quantities will always get you the best prices available. Factories making the products have to start up production lines for your product so have minimal costs to cover too

To remove all risk from the buyer, we act as the distributor of the product to you and therefore charge you in GBP (£). This protects you from any problems as you are purchasing from a UK registered company and we are bound by law to supply your goods for what you pay and agree. We always quote in £ delivered to your door so there are no unexpected surprises. Prices quoted are valid for 14 days and are subject to currency fluctuation

Product delivery is always subject to the terms of production from the factory. Normally contracts are set at 30 days to produce, though different products can vary and may be longer or shorter. This is always agreed with the buyer before commencement of order. Once the products are made, we work on a 4 week shipping period unless the items are air freighted which will get you your products a lot quicker, (within the week), though normally cost a lot more. From confirmed order to shipped delivery, most orders are complete within 9 weeks. This needs to be considered when repeat ordering as it affects stock control

Quite Simply NO. We are very client orientated. We are grateful for your trust in allowing us to manage your products and therefore will never stab you in the back and supply the same products to anyone else. We have no reason to go actively looking for additional customers of your product. If we are approached by interested parties for the same products, we will direct them to you and help you negotiate if required with becoming their supplier. If you sell, we get to order more for you so it doesn’t make sense to become your competitor. Because we consider ourselves to be the best, it is unlikely the same product will be found cheaper elsewhere of the same quality! There are many import companies trading in the UK, but there are not many like ours that are strongly interested in your business succeeding, and who have the staff across the globe like we have.

None! We make sure your money is secure and the orders you place get delivered. We setup the orders and control deliveries all the way. Company checks, Factory Audits, Production Sampling, Container Audits; these are just some of the steps we carry out to make sure the order is successful.