Product Sourcing

From China

At Dragon Import Services, our China product sourcing service will ensure that you have the high quality products you want; quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated China product sourcing team are all specialists in manufacturing management and procurement, giving us the edge to ensure your products meet all relevant Quality Controls and Product Audits.
This allows you to sit back and relax as our team get to work carrying out product sourcing from China on your behalf. When sourcing products from China, it’s essential to get the wholesale order right, with no losses or major errors, and our team guarantee just that. It only takes one bad supply order to set your profit and company growth back years, so why take that chance?

Why choose Dragon Import Services for your China product sourcing?

The team at Dragon Import Services will work with your specific requirements, organising and co-ordinating your product sourcing from China, including a sample order of the product so you can fully test your items before purchasing the bulk of the order. This way, we can ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our Chinese product sourcing before commencing the order process.

We Ship Direct to You!

Our product sourcing from China provides delivery to your door, all included in one simple price & we handle freight shipping to the UK.

Design & Specific Orders

Your Product, Your Order, down to the smallest detail. Product specification is all part of the sourcing process.

Any Product Sourced or Designed

Any Product, Any Destination. If it exists, we can source it – if it doesn’t, we can make it.

Your Colour Choice

Why get stuck with someone else’s look? We source the products to your bespoke colour choices, making them truly yours.

What can we source?

Simply answer is everything!

Every client has different needs, which is why the team from Dragon Imports source any and all products from China, including (but not limited to):

  • Raw materials – Such as PP or metals
  • Electric components – Fuses, connectors, casin
  • Auto Parts – Gaskets, pipes, engine parts, consumables, electronics
  • Cycle parts – Quick release seats, tyres
  • Household lighting – Internal & external fittings
  • Bathroom accessories – Taps, fittings, bathrooms, toilets
  • Garden supplies – Tooling, hot tubs, artificial glass
  • Industrial tools – Vacuums, plant, machinery
  • Plumbing fixings & accessories – Push-fits, piping, tapes
  • Batteries – Motorcycle & motor vehicle
  • Novelty items – Packaging & giftware
  • Even pizza boxes!

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    Case Studies

    A Sports and Nutrition brand approached us, asking us to assist with the design and production of a motorised shaker bottle – We made it!
    Making a drinks bottle fit for Food Industry Standards, using food grade parts and delivering at the best possible price allowing them to distribute all round the world.

    A large vehicle fuse was needed which required a unique window to enable engineers to quickly assess if the fuse had blown – We made it!
    This fuse is now sold through one of the biggest commercial part distributors in the UK and we are proud to be their partners.

    We source raw components for UK companies to manufacture here in the UK. PP, Aluminium poles, Steel, Nuts & Bolts – We source it!
    Manufacturing here in the UK can still be competitive. Stay ahead of the game and import your raw materials through us and we will cut out that third party profiting from your supply

    Our MD

    I get to oversee the whole company in both the UK and China. Making your product work and guiding you in the right direction is what keeps me loving what I do daily. Whether you want a bag of nuts or a whole production line, for me it is all about the people and the fantastic contacts I meet along the way.

    Crossing into many industries, your product knowledge coupled with my foreign trading experience and staff, we can bring your ideas to life. Why not organise a meeting todayand I will come and see how we can work together for your business.