Product Sourcing & Import Management

Product Sourcing and Import Management Product Sourcing services helping you source your products and delivering them straight to your door   Product Sourcing whatever your product or volume, is our job.  Low budgets to Procurement Management, our dedicated staff are on hand to assist your business. Why get caught out by factory errors, or bogus sellers?  Even down to the cost of shipping once it arrives, its always best to know your costs before ordering or it could end up costing more than its worth. Product Sourcing is more than just finding the right product.  Placing the factory under contract for

Introduction to Buying in China

Buyer’s Introductory Guide to China Buying from overseas can seem very daunting and with the stigma that surrounds poor quality goods, buyers have a right to be cautious.  This introduction to Buying in China is the perfect guide to get you started or to remind you of those starting points to consider.   Getting the purchase right from day one means the international world remains open to your business and doesn’t leave scares preventing you from those trades that keep you ahead of the game. Our Introduction to Buying in China provides the following steps, which are only a guide into