Why Mould & Tool in China?

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  • We Ship Direct to You!

    Our service povides delivery to your door, all included in your one price.  We handle freight shipping to the UK

  • Design and Specific Orders

    Your Product, Your Order, down to the smallest detail. Product specification is all part of the sourcing process

  • Any Product Sourced or Designed

    Any product, Any Destination.  If it exists, we can source it - If it donesn't, we can make it.  Design to Reality

  • Your Colour Choice

    Why get stuck with anothers look, we source the products to your bespoke colour choices making them yours


Mould Producing in China

Getting it right and setting up moulding & tooling in China can be a cost saving, great choice.  Savings of between 25-60% can be achieved just on moulding setup fees versus the UK, which are mainly down to raw material and labour costs. 


Once the templates are produced, your ready to save even further by allowing us to arrange production in one of our carefully selected factories.  Moulds always remain your property so can be shipped back to the UK at any time, or transferred to a different manufacturer. 


Every mould produced is made to the highest of standards meeting your exact demands everytime.  Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Compression Moulding, and Rotational Moulding are all different types of production, and we are able to fulfill any requirement. 


Why not get in touch to discuss your product and how China can benefit your product.

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